Recruit Information

Here in ZLL Lab, we value creativity, passion and innovation. We are delighted that you are considering joining us for your education. Applications are always welcome. Come and see, experience research for yourself!

• Postdoctoral Fellow

Please send your application directly to Lili ZONG (preferably with curriculum vitae with list of publications)

Research Interest

  • Harnessing Non-covalent Interactions (Ion-pairing, Halogen bonding, Chalcogen bonding, etc.) for Catalyst Design to Tackle Selectivity Challenges in Synthetic Chemistry.

  • Precise Construction of Bioactive Molecules to Investigate Their Activity, Function for Drug Discovery Process.


Address & Contact

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Room 316, Zhuangjin Building

Xiamen University Xiang'an Campus

361102 Xiamen, China 

T. 0592-2881107 Email: